What Makes a Good Desk Booking App?

Desk booking applications are on the rise all over the world. They don’t only make office life easier for employees but provide employers with a convenient attendance list, which can become very useful during the pandemic time. Have you already considered introducing a mobile app for booking a desk in your company? If so, it’s...

Equipment for a Smart Office

Having an intelligent office is one of the hottest trends in the entire labour market. Smart technologies such as access control devices, online meeting management systems or hot-desking software not only make your company up-to-date, but also facilitate your life and the lives of your staff. In today’s article, we will show you the most...

How to motivate employees to keep the office clean...

Everybody likes spending time in places that are neat and well-organized in terms of functionality, and keeping the workplace clean seem to be essential if you want your employees to be more productive and satisfied with their job. However, many office managers struggle to always maintain order in the office. This concerns, above all, big...

Why is desk booking growing in popularity?

Over the past few years, the labour market has undergone several important organizational changes, which make the work environment more friendly for employees. This shift, initiated mostly by pandemic and remote work, has now dominated companies all around the world, with desk booking apps, which has now become one of the most demanded tools that...

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