10 Must-Have Tools That Each Big Company Needs

Running your company is always easier when you have good support. If you want to automize processes within your business, have better control over your employees and draw the best out of them, there are a number of innovative tools which can be helpful. From communication apps through project management tools to desk booking software

How to make the office cozier this winter?

Shorter days, more frequent precipitation and lower temperatures indicate that the winter is gradually approaching. However, the cold season doesn’t have to be unpleasant at all. You can make use of this magical time of the year to surprise your staff with a cozier office and make them come to work more willingly and with

How to prepare your office for the upcoming pandem...

As autumn and winter are approaching, more and more is being said about COVID-19 and related restrictions. After a few warm summer months with a smaller number of positive cases, when we could breathe a sigh of relief, we are now back at the point where a new pandemic wave is starting to spread at

How to make a new employee feel comfortable at wor...

Being a new hire is never easy. Not only do new employees need to learn company culture, but also meet lots of new people who already feel at ease in the office. If you want to make your staff feel at home, always help them during their first few days at work. What do you

Efficient office layout – who should sit whe...

Did you know that the office sitting arrangement is one of the key factors which may determine employee productivity? Therefore, a well-thought office layout with plenty of diverse workstations that are made to meet the needs of the entire crew is the key to success in business. Read our article to learn who should sit

What do today’s employees expect from work?

Finding hard-working and skilled employees who are willing to work and support the company in its development is not an easy task. Experienced and hard-working employees are in demand, therefore, they can usually pick through various job offers. If you want to have such employees as a part of your staff, you need to convince

Is it worth investing in your office space and why...

For many,  working in a modern, well-equipped and aesthetic office is a pleasant experience. However, having such an office or modernizing the old one so that it looks up-to-date can be costly. Is it worth investing in your office? What benefits can a modern office bring to you? What are the tricks that you can

Modern Office Space – What Should Be Found Insid...

Full of claustrophobia-inducing cubicles, open-space offices popular just a few years ago are now a thing of the past. Today’s modern offices, which are able to accommodate a similar amount of employees, look much cosier and are far more user-friendly. How is that possible? What are the main features of today’s offices? What elements should

How important is changing the environment for prod...

There are many ways in which you can increase your employees’ productivity. The most efficient undoubtedly include changing the workplace environment. Even the smallest but regular changes can boost productivity at work and make your employees carry out their duties willing to enthusiastically? How can you introduce such changes, and to what extent can modern

Workplace stress – how to control it?

Being a good boss or manager requires, above all, sympathy and sensitivity. Understanding your employees’ needs and concerns is key to increased productivity and a better atmosphere in the workplace. It can also reduce the stress that may overwhelm some employees while at work. Why can spending time at the office be stressful for some

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