Adding and Editing Parking Spaces 

Parking spaces are what users see and reserve. In order to function smoothly, all the spaces should be clearly described. This guide will show you how you can add and edit your parking spaces.

0. How does a parking space look like?

When you go to the ‘Setup spaces’ screen and scroll up, you will see tiles that look like this:

Name is what is visible during reservation, and on the Schedule screen. You can also fit a short descriptor here, e.g., ‘2A Underground’.

Description is visible for users under the parking space name. Here you can describe a space in more detail, e.g.,

Spaces can be assigned into groups to create more advanced reservation rules. This is explained here. Users can also see which group a space is in.

You can choose the owner of a space by choosing them from a list of users. If you do, you can choose whether they will have to confirm their reservation and what is the confirmation deadline.

This is how users will see a space that’s created like the one described above after they book it:

Creating spaces.

There are two ways of adding parking spaces to your car park: one by one or multiple at once. This guide will cover creating individual spaces first.

1. Creating spaces one-by-one.

To add a single space, go to the ‘Manage spaces’ tab, fill in the name and description and click on ‘Add place.’  The space is now ready. You can see it at the top of the page.

2. Creating spaces in bulk.

You can add multiple spaces in a similar way. Look at the image below.

In this example, we’re adding spaces numbered 1 through 10. You can also assign all of them to a selected group – more on that here.

If your car park is big, we can upload a map – just send it to us!

3. Editing existing spaces.

On the same screen, you can edit all of the information about the spaces you’ve already added.

Your spaces don’t have to be numbered, but we highly recommend it. They should at least be distinguishable.

Remember that you can always contact us when you need help!