Adding Users to your Car Park 

By now, you should have some parking spaces added. Now it’s time for adding users. To begin with, we recommend adding a small group of users who will be able to test Parkalot and provide feedback. After this step, you will be ready for testing.

Please tell the users to register only through the invitation link – otherwise they won’t get access to your car park.

There are two ways of adding users: one by one or in bulk. This guide will cover adding individual users first.

1. Adding users one-by-one.

To do so, go to the ‘Add users’ tab and specify the name and email of the user. You can choose not to send out the invitation immediately and do it at a later time, e.g., after the initial testing.

2. Adding users in bulk.

To add users in bulk, you need to have a list containing their username and email. The list should be a CSV file, but don’t worry – we can help with converting and formatting it. To upload this file, go to ‘Manage users’ tab and click ‘Bulk add users’ at the bottom of the page.

In larger companies, it can be a good idea to use the email as a username. That way, you are sure to avoid duplicates, and it can make the admin’s work easier

Remember that you can always contact us when you need help!