Uploading Space Allocation 

Some companies grant ownership of parking spaces on a rotational basis. Periodical upload of space allocation is the easiest way to manage such situations.

This guide shows an example upload. Please remember that the usernames and names of spaces must exactly match the data in the app!

1. Creating a file.

For upload, you need a CSV or TXT file. CSV files can be generated from spreadsheets – if you need help with formatting, you can contact us. This is how the file should look like (opened in Excel):

Make sure the names in the file are the same as the names in the app!

2. Uploading a file.

To upload a file, you need to go to the “Setup spaces” tab and choose “Select CSV file” on the right.

Then, the upload window will show up – you can choose the corresponding file there.

After the upload, you will see this window:

Here, you can see how the app reads the file. Press “See changes per user” to continue.

3. Final review.

After the upload, the app will show you the changes made by the upload. It will look like this:

Here you can check if everything is correct.  Then, you just need to click on “Apply changes”.

In the scenario above, Hannah will lose her current space, Mark and Hannah will get different spaces than before, and Jakub will get a space – he didn’t have one before.

Remember that you can always contact us when you need help!