What are the features of the ideal conference room 

There are plenty of things that you should take into consideration while designing a modern and efficient conference space. If you want it to meet your staff’s needs, it should not only be equipped with furniture and a big screen, but also modern technologies and much more. Read our article to discover what you should remember while planning and rearranging your conference room.

Invest in furniture and equipment

Depending on the type of your company and its needs, a conference room can serve multiple purposes. You can use it to connect virtually with your business partners, but it can also be a place where your employees gather to work together on a single project. While designing the conference space take into consideration, that it will probably be used by your staff more frequently than you may think. Therefore, consider investing in furniture and office equipment which makes it easier for your staff to work and collaborate. A big table, whiteboard, ergonomic chairs and so on – all of these should be found in a modern conference space.

Reduce external sounds and other kinds of distractors

A conference room is a place where your employees connect with people from other companies to discuss important issues, problems and develop collaboration. Therefore both your staff as well as their interlocutors should be able to communicate without being distracted. Firstly, make sure that you provide your employees with a powerful high-speed internet connection as there is nothing worse than a video call that continuously gets disrupted. Secondly, reduce all external sounds that come from outside the room. In order to do it, you can, for instance, install soundproof doors and acoustic wall panels.

Buy high-quality audio and video equipment

The quality of video and audio equipment that you use while participating in online conferences says a lot about how professional your company is. If during the live streaming, your interlocutor sees your team in a perfect resolution and has no troubles hearing them, they will surely appreciate it and you will certainly make a fabulous impression. Your A/V equipment is outdated? You should certainly get it replaced! Consider having a 4K video conferencing system installed.

Focus on your employees’ personal space

A conference room is a place where your employees should always feel at ease so it is important to adjust its size to the size of your company. To do so, arrange a table and chairs in such a way that your staff members can sit comfortably without interrupting one another. If you suspect that your new conference room will be popular with employees and they will argue about who should occupy it, consider providing your staff with a desk and room reservation system. This way your team members will be able to book the room whenever they need it.

Flexible set-up

Last but not least, your conference room should offer a flexible set-up. What do we mean? Firstly, take a minute to think about what your staff will supposedly do in the room. Will they handle meetings with external business partners? Maybe they will organize brainstorming sessions there, have intimate one-to-one meetings, client meetings, or training sessions? If so, make the interior design as flexible as it can be. Avoid big furniture which cannot be moved.

Having a conference room in the company is a great asset as it can foster collaborative work and make it easier for the company to establish external partnerships. If you also want to have a well-designed and functional meeting space, remember to follow the tips which we have presented in the article. Remember: what makes a conference space great is not only the things that we can find inside but also technologies that you implement, e.g., a desk and room booking system

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