Campus Parking Lots

What problems does Parkalot solve at campus parking 

College & university parking lots can be especially challenging to manage and often have to serve not only the faculty, but also the students. But what if we told you that it can be done with a simple app that doesn’t even require installation?

Faculty & students car registration

Lack of spots for those who need them the most

Parking rules violations

How can Parkalot change your parking 

Simple faculty & students car registration

Faculty & students invited to the app have to add their registration plate number before they can start reserving parking spaces. The details they have to provide can be easily customized to your needs.

Easily set priority spots

The parking administrator can prioritise assigning spots to those who need them the most: faculty, students who commute and those with disabilities. If these people don’t confirm their reservations a day ahead (i.e. Due to holiday or sick leave) their spots go to the shared pool, from which other students can book parking spaces.

Violations can be immediately reported

Somebody took a spot that wasn’t theirs? They parked in a way that blocks neighbouring parking spaces? Such incidents can be reported to the parking administrator with a few clicks.

Solve your parking chaos

Without spending thousands of dollars

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