Safe hotdesking during COVID-19

In recent years, hot-desking has become one of the most popular office trends mostly in large and medium-sized companies. Employers who opt for this type of office space layout arrangement usually expect their employees to cooperate with others more frequently, be more creative and open to new ideas. However, with the outbreak of the pandemic,

How to solve issues with open offices?

Organizing or hiring an open-plan office is a solution that combines high cost-efficiency and the ability to accommodate a large number of employees in a limited space. Although it has many benefits for the employer, employees are usually no that enthusiastic about it and complain about the inefficacy of open space offices. However, many problems

7 ways to foster creativity in the workplace

Although the role of creativity in the workplace is usually underestimated, having imaginative employees is crucial if you want your company to develop. Creativity leads to innovation and it is not possible to create groundbreaking products and services without it. Unfortunately, many employees don’t encourage their teams to be creative or even dissipate their imagination

Reducing the size of the office after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge struggle for numerous entrepreneurs across the globe. While in some countries the governments were rather reluctant to introduce strict measures, there are also many places that had to submit to total lockdowns. This led to the complete shift in the operation of offices. As a result, many companies

How to run your office with restrictions in place?

The lifting of some lockdown measures in many countries is a first step in the back-to-business process. However, due to the possibility of spreading the virus, offices need to be reorganized to assure the safety of employees and potential guests. Is it possible to run your office safely in these difficult times? How do you

Contact tracing – an easy way to adjust to the c...

In today’s reality, company owners and office managers have to struggle with many issues that were irrelevant in the past. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the introduction of new measures that help them control the spread of the virus. Although the home office is much more popular than even a year ago, it doesn’t solve

How to Organize an Efficient Office Space?

Efficient office space without clutter can really increase the productivity of employees. It is no secret that neat working conditions have a positive impact on how employees feel and therefore it improves their overall work satisfaction. How do you organize an efficient working space? Is it possible to feel comfortable in an open-space office layout?

New technologies around the office

The way offices look today has significantly changed over the last few years. Big buildings with multiple small and clattered rooms designed for 2-3 employees are long gone. They have been successfully replaced by big and spacious open offices packed with brand new, innovative technologies that foster cooperation, organize space and create favourable working conditions.

The most creative employee benefits that each comp...

Medical and life insurance, a retirement scheme and gym membership are gradually becoming, alongside the salary, a natural part of employment. In recent years, companies have been outdoing each other in introducing revolutionary perks. Can the occurrence of employee benefits play a decisive role for staff members and job candidates? What are the most spectacular

The hidden benefits of hot-desking

The modern workplace is nothing like the offices of previous decades. The world is changing and now more and more often, employees are encouraged to work remotely from a café or co-working space. It is said that companies that grow rapidly run out of office space but, ironically, they face empty desks more and more

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