How important is changing the environment for productivity 

There are many ways in which you can increase your employees’ productivity. The most efficient undoubtedly include changing the workplace environment. Even the smallest but regular changes can boost productivity at work and make your employees carry out their duties willing to enthusiastically? How can you introduce such changes, and to what extent can modern technologies such as a desk booking app help you in this? Do you need to invest a lot to provide your employees with a dynamic environment at work?

What is the role of the environment at work?

Many employers do not place enough importance on the conditions in which their employees work. This is partially due to the fact that they are not aware that introducing even minor changes to the workplace environment can keep staff motivated for much longer. As a result, such elements as decorations or a well-thought space organization can boost employee productivity to a great extent. How is this possible? An employee who spends time in pleasant conditions feels much more relaxed, gets tired less often, and is able to rest quicker. Such elements as plants, flowers make the interior cosier and ensure more intimacy, which, in turn, is conducive to increased productivity.

Easy ways to change the work environment

Working in the same office for many months or years, even if it has a well-thought design, can lead to stagnation over time. When an employee spends 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in the same conditions, they get tired of them and can even associate them with some negative feelings experienced at work, e.g., fatigue or nervousness, which can, in the long run, lead to burnout. Fortunately, the solution to this is simpler than you may even think, and you can introduce it at practically no cost. All you need to do is to put some small but regular changes to the work environment in place.

Redesign the office

One of the easiest and least expensive ways in which you can change the work environment is to redesign the office space. Regularly change the position of desks, cabinets, plants and other elements that can be found inside the office to surprise your team. Try to provide them with the best possible conditions. Place desks close to the sources of natural light and distribute flowers throughout the office.

Stimulate their senses

There are some invisible elements that you can introduce to stimulate your employees’ senses and act on their subconsciousness. The best example is aromas. Choose a delicate air freshener that will immediately make the workplace feel fresher and more welcoming to your employees. Remember to opt for natural essential oils which don’t cause allergies and are 100% safe for your staff.

Let employees be free

Each team consists of people with different characters, preferences and attitudes. Many employees don’t like to feel subordinated and need some personal space in order to feel at ease. If you feel that your team consists of individuals who need more freedom at work, consider introducing a hot-desking app. Such a system will allow them to choose where they want to sit. This way they can change the work environment, anytime they want to, and also feel less controlled.

Benefit from modern technologies

Today’s modern technologies can play an essential role in boosting productivity. Thanks to them, you can allow your employees to work at home without any obstacles. Replacing the office with working from home can help staff rest and peacefully recharge their batteries. Even one day spent at home may turn out to be a great rest from corporate life. Of course, modern technologies may also support communication and make employees feel more independent. A desk booking app is the best example.

Introduce theme decorations

Temporary theme decorations are something that is now gaining popularity in bigger companies. Let’s suppose that your mundane office space turns into a colourful tropical island or a mysterious garden full of flowers and plants. Doesn’t that sound exciting? We guarantee that your employees will certainly appreciate such theme decorations and feel thrilled to rediscover the office!

We have presented some of the simplest changes that you can introduce in your office to make it easier for your staff to work and focus on their duties. However, the list is still open. Just be creative and let your imagination surprise your team!

Don’t know where to start?

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