Connected workplace – what is it 

Remote and hybrid working has completely changed the way we all think about offices. In the past, an office was a place in which employees used to gather to perform their duties and it was treated as an indispensable element of any workplace. Today, the notion of an office has a much broader sense and it does not always refer to a space shared by employees – it is rather an area in which a particular employee works, e.g., their home or any other location. Of course, despite what many people believe, employees working from different places can perform their tasks well. However, they need something which is called a connected workplace to always be up to date with their duties.

What is a connected workplace?

As the name suggests, the notion of a connected workplace refers to a workplace in which employees can always stay connected and informed. The connected office is much easier to achieve in companies where all (or almost all) employees physically work from a brick-and-mortar shared space. 

In today’s reality, the connected workplace uses modern technologies to overcome difficulties and daily challenges that link to hybrid and remote work. These technologies foster employees in their daily tasks and make it easier for management to control whether their teams work efficiently. 

The elements of a connected workplace

The connected workplace should be a place where all employees (no matter where they work) should be able to feel equal. This should concern both employees who work from home as well as those who physically show up in the office. To introduce a connected workplace, several innovative technologies should be on your radar. Tools that facilitate communication, allow group discussion and meetings, provide access to important data and align schedules are the most basic examples. 

Benefits of a connected office

Although many employees still fear having a connected workplace, there are many benefits of dispersed offices. Discover some of the most important of them.

Reduced costs

First and foremost, connected offices can reduce the operational costs that a company has to normally incur. Of course, to enjoy a powerfully connected workplace, you first need to invest in tools and technologies, but this will quickly pay off. With a smaller number of employees in the office, you can rent a smaller space and also reduce the consumption of power by devices such as laptops.

Easier connectivity

In a connected office, both employees and clients can communicate from everywhere regardless of their physical location. This can be highly beneficial for the company, as the scope of potential business partners can broaden to an almost unlimited extent.

Stronger supervision

It is usually said that people who work from home can pretend that they work and laze around instead of performing their duties. With proper management tools, such a possibility is limited to a minimum level as teams have to continuously report their achievements. 

Connected office and hybrid organizations

A connected office should never focus only on people who work remotely. It is also important to always take into consideration employees who work in an actual office. There are many tools which can foster their performance, speed up task completion and contribute to better well-being at work.

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