Contact tracing – an easy way to adjust to the current restrictions

In today’s reality, company owners and office managers have to struggle with many issues that were irrelevant in the past. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the introduction of new measures that help them control the spread of the virus. Although the home office is much more popular than even a year ago, it doesn’t solve all problems. Many employees still need to show up in the office to perform tasks effectively. Some of them are also unable to work at home, e.g. due to children who are also there and constantly interrupt them. Fortunately, the software for contact tracing is in use more and more frequently.

What is contact tracing?

In general, contact tracing is a system that has recently been introduced in many countries all over the world. It is known to be one of the most effective measures that can be taken in order to slow down the spread of coronavirus. It protects you, your family and other people you meet from getting infected. The contact tracing system lets you know each time you meet people who are COVID-19 positive. This way you know that you should isolate and react instantly should you experience the first symptoms of the disease. Following safety measures introduced by governments, similar systems are also used in many modern companies. With software such as a desk booking application, control over the virus is possible.

How does it work?

The contact tracing system finds positive cases, detects all other people who were in contact with them and notifies them. This way they know that they should be in isolation for at least several days. Depending on the system and country, it can automatically connect with healthcare. If a contact that put us on quarantine through contact tracing shows symptoms, there is a large possibility that they are suffering from coronavirus. In such a case, the contact tracing system launches again to seek further contacts.

Contact tracing in the office

It is no secret that people who work at the office are much more prone to getting infected. While spending 8 hours in one place, usually not properly ventilated (especially when it is cold outside), the employees are exposed to perfect conditions for coronavirus to emerge and spread. Even with offices divided into sections and plexiglass, it is not possible to fully minimize the chance of infection. This is why it is worth considering the introduction of a special system for tracing office employees e.g. a desk booking app. It is now one of the easiest and the most efficient ways to limit the spread of the virus at work.

What are the main benefits of contact tracing in the office?

Hot desking apps are known to be one of the most well-liked systems for office space organization. However, apart from giving your employees a choice of places to sit, it can also play a crucial role in limiting the spread of the virus at work. Firstly, it can help control the number of employees who work directly in the office. Secondly, it allows you to see who was in the office on a particular day. What is more, you as an administrator can define other reservation rules that comply with the changing health guidelines, like the requirement for a minimum distance between desks.

What measures should be taken in the case of COVID-19 positive employees?

A desk booking app is also a blessing in disguise if one of your employees gets infected and tested positive. Thanks to the app’s history, you can easily check if the employee worked from the office and who was present at work on those same days. This way you can precisely know which of your employees are also in danger of catching the virus, notify them, advise self-observation and remote work for some time. With a desk booking system, you don’t have to keep detailed attendance lists, all the information will be gathered within the app and you will be able to access it instantly, any time it is needed.

How to implement hot-desking?

Start with us! Choose a desk-booking app with a simple, yet powerful interface. We can help you find an optimal configuration for your office. Booking a desk should be nothing but a single click! Get familiar with Deski – a desktop and mobile app with real-time reservations. Set your own reservation rules and separate office space – it’s all up to you! If you have any questions about our hot-desking app, let us know!