The most creative employee benefits that each company should consider

Medical and life insurance, a retirement scheme and gym membership are gradually becoming, alongside the salary, a natural part of employment. In recent years, companies have been outdoing each other in introducing revolutionary perks. Can the occurrence of employee benefits play a decisive role for staff members and job candidates? What are the most spectacular perks commonly found in popular multinational companies?

The role of employee benefits

As work is one of the most important aspects of life, job candidates tend to seek employers who understand the importance of life outside of work. Many business owners and managers who introduced employee perks some time ago can prove that incentives greatly increase an employee’s satisfaction with work and their happiness outside the office. A good and diverse perks package can help recruit new workers and retain experienced ones. Once a worker is offered a competitive salary in multiple companies, the decision on taking the job depends mainly on employee benefits that are offered.

Why should I introduce creative employee benefits?

One of the most important things many employees value is job stability. However, this does not mean that they don’t want to develop and climb the corporate ladder. With some creative employee benefits, such as cinema coupons, a desk booking app, nights out and so on, employees feel that the company truly cares about them and their well-being. It also proves that the business is open to change and doesn’t come to a standstill. Check out some of the most creative employee benefits that will surely thrill your staff members!

Flexible schedule

More and more employees, especially those new to the marketplace, value independence. Although the majority of employees seek full-time positions, it doesn’t mean that they want to spend all day at the office. As a reaction, many employers allow for a more flexible schedule that also includes a home office.

Childcare assistance

Many employees with small children struggle to find good care for them. Private nurseries that offer not only professional childcare, but also a range of activities stimulating the child’s development, are something many can’t afford. The answer can be a company nursery! Such a solution is becoming more and more popular in many countries. It is estimated that onsite childcare will become standard in the future.  

Commuter assistance

Reaching the office on foot is a privilege that many of us simply can’t enjoy. Employees who go to work by public transport waste much time on that and the conditions offered by buses, train and subways usually leave a lot to be desired. There are many ways you can make commuting easier, e.g. by organising rideshares, free public transport passes or shuttle buses.

Desk booking

Another interesting way in which you can reward your employees is introducing a desk booking app. With Deski, your employees can choose where they want to sit in the office. Do your staff members complain about draughts, strong air-conditioning or other irritating office conditions? Thanks to the flexi desk solution this will no longer be the case since your employees will have a choice.  

Game room

A game room is one of the most controversial perks that can be offered. While many claim that it is useless and encourages workers to laze around, game rooms can build strong teams and are a place when staff can unwind after stressful situations. The cost of organising a game room does not have to be high and you can provide employees with something that is still a novelty on the marketplace.

Social gatherings

Office employees spend long hours together. Research proves that people who get on well in private life, are more likely to cooperate at work. You, as an employer, can foster friendships, encouraging workers to go out together. Organising parties and nights out for staff is the best way to make your employees stay on good terms.

Arranging a game room, organising social meetings or introducing a desk reservation system is relatively inexpensive and can change the way employees think about you once and for all. If you want to be considered a modern and progressive entrepreneur, follow some of these easy steps!

Don’t know where to start?

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