Efficient office layout – who should sit where 

Did you know that the office sitting arrangement is one of the key factors which may determine employee productivity? Therefore, a well-thought office layout with plenty of diverse workstations that are made to meet the needs of the entire crew is the key to success in business. Read our article to learn who should sit where in the office and why, as well as how to arrange an efficient office layout.

What is the role of an office layout?

Optimized seating layout can without a doubt have a positive influence on the functioning of the entire company. When people who sit together get on well, they are much more willing to cooperate and brainstorm. This can, in turn, lead to innovation and significant financial savings. However, putting people who like each other very much in close proximity is not always the best option possible since there is a risk that instead of working and carrying out their duties, they may spend time chatting and gossiping. The office layout should therefore provide a balance between employees’ well-being and necessary supervision. 

Trends in office sitting layouts

The majority of office seating layouts is based on department grouping. This means that employees from one department usually sit together in separation from other departments. Although such space organization offers many benefits, e.g., employees may focus on their work without getting distracted, joining departments that are somehow interconnected in a smart way may turn out to be a better solution. For instance, you can group your Sales and Marketing departments or Administration and HR and see if it makes any difference. 

The place for the supervisor

Even though an efficient office layout should foster collaboration among employees and be focused mostly on employee’s well-being, you should never forget about proper supervision. Employees should feel that there is always someone who they can talk to in case of any problems and questions. Such a person should constantly keep an eye on them and be easily accessible, therefore such a person should sit in the same shared space. A good example of a workstation for a supervisor is a space with a wall behind the chair. This way employees can’t see what the supervisor is doing and, at the same time, the supervisor may observe employees and see if they are working and getting on well.

A variety of workstations

Each of us is different and has different preferences. This concerns not only physical conditions at the office, e.g., some employees may prefer sitting close to air-conditioning, but also personal space. There are employees who prefer sitting in a central part of the office and even in such conditions have no problems with focusing, while others can work in an efficient way only if their workstation is secluded. The introduction of diversified office space is the answer to this problem. The more interesting the office is, the bigger the choice for employees and it is much more probable that they will feel comfortable at work.

How to manage a modern office space?

Once your office is ready, you need to think about how employees will sit. You will probably need some fixed workstations, e.g. for supervisors, managers, etc. The rest of the workstations can be distributed among all other employees. Here you have at least three options:

  • you can assign desks according to your preferences,
  • you can ask your employees to express their preferences and arrange a seating layout accordingly,
  • you can let your employees choose where they want to sit.

The last option seems to be the most employee-friendly. However, it may lead to some misunderstandings and competition. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that you can use to minimize it.

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Don’t know where to start?

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