Why is employees’ mental well-being so important 

It is said that an average adult spends as much as 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. That’s a lot. Although work is mostly associated with performing given tasks, for many people it is also a place to calm down and socialize with co-workers.

Building a good atmosphere at work

If you want your team to be productive and always willing to work, you need to take care of their mental well-being. To do so, try to create a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. You can obtain this in many different ways. Firstly, focus on bonding. Remember that if employees get on well, they are much more likely to cooperate and find solutions to problems. Secondly, be a mentor. Treat your employees as partners. Help them every time this is necessary. Never judge them or criticize in the presence of other employees.

Make an effort

Keep in mind that success is not all about working. In order do have a great team of industrious employees, look after their mental well-being. You can do this both in and outside the workplace. Think of some free time activities that could help them get to know each other. Organize the office space in such a way that your team can feel at home. Install some useful software, such as a desk booking app that will increase the everyday comfort of your employees. What is more, try to come up with some stress relievers.

Introduce small changes

The best way to boost your team’s morale is to introduce some really small changes that can make a huge difference. Check out some of our ideas!

1. Organize the space

The way the office is organized has a big influence on both employees’ well-being and bonding. People who tend to sit next to each other are more likely to become friends, even outside work. Avoid situations in which employees occupy one space for several months. If you don’t want to be responsible for a seating plan, rely on a desk booking app such as Deski. With this useful software, your employees will be able to choose freely where they want to sit and close to whom.

2. Release the tension

Office work can be stressful, and that is why a place where employees can cool down and relax for a minute should find its place inside the building. This can be a decent game room or a chillout zone where they can listen to music and chill out. Such a room will not only allow them to wind down, but it will also cushion other team members from getting stressed.

3. Arrange time after work

Cooperation is something that all of us need to learn, and it is natural that some employees may tend to compete with each other. If you want to avoid clashes at work, let your employees feel that they are not a group of individuals but a real team that should get on well. To foster bonding, you can organize some after-work activities, e.g., a night out or a simple dinner at a restaurant. It will be a perfect occasion to give up corporate talks and focus on personal life.

4. Think of some incentives

Introducing motivators is one of the easiest ways to influence employees’ well-being and increase their productivity. It is up to you to choose the best form. The most popular include pension schemes, private insurance, life insurance or shopping vouchers. Companies offering 8-to-5 jobs usually opt for incentives that can help employees keep fit and relaxed. The best example is gym membership cards.

Employees who are satisfied with their job, feel at ease at the workplace and treat their co-workers as friends are usually more productive and can handle many responsibilities. If you want to take care of your team’s mental health, follow our rules. You can start by installing desk booking software or introducing an incentive scheme.

Don’t know where to start?

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