Why Are Employees Skeptical about Desk Booking 

Desk booking is now one of the most popular trends in office organization and management all over the world. However, there are still many employees, especially older ones, who are not sure whether such software could really be helpful in everyday office life. Check out the most common concerns employees have when it comes to desk reservation systems, and learn what you should do as an employer or manager to reduce their doubts.

The most common concerns related to desk booking

It is usually said that desk booking systems can boost an employee’s performance and make them feel more confident and comfy at work. However, for some of them, the vision of not having their own desk at the workplace is, at least to some extent, terrifying. Their concerns are usually exaggerated and result from a misunderstanding of how desk booking works.

I am not a tech-savvy person

Many employees, particularly those who are not keen on new technologies, are afraid that using a desk reservation system will be too difficult for them. As they have never used similar systems in the past, they don’t know how they work and usually perceive them as complex applications that offer multiple features. In reality, the process of desk booking is as simple as possible and takes several seconds at maximum. The user has to log in to their account, choose their desk and accept the choice.

Others will be quicker

Before the introduction of a desk booking app at the workplace, employees tend to fear competition for the best workstations. However, it is important to realize that desks which are seen as the most comfortable for some employees, can be simply unacceptable for others. When a desk booking app is launched, it usually turns out that employees don’t argue about particular workstations, and each of them is able to find the right place for themselves. 

What if I forget to book my desk?

Another popular concern that employees have is that they will forget to book their desk and, as a result, will have no place to sit. It is essential to remember that the introduction of a desk reservation system doesn’t reduce the number of available desks – it only promotes desk swaps. If an employee forgets to book their desk, they will still find a free workstation at the office.

What about my office equipment and other stuff?

Changing desks regularly requires moving stuff from one workstation to another on a regular basis, which may cause problems for employees who managed to collect a whole load of documents and tools on their desks. There are several solutions to this issue, with a full office cleaning as the most recommended one. However, if there is no possibility to limit the number of things needed in the office, movable cabinets should help employees to solve the issue.

Is a desk booking app a good choice for your office?

The concerns your employees may have are well justified – no one likes changes that invade their comfort zone. However, in the long run, the introduction of a desk management system can be benign to your company and your employees’ everyday performance at work. If your team members don’t understand your intentions in launching it, explain what benefits it can bring to them and to the entire company. Show them how the system works and reassure them that there is nothing to worry about. To make things easier for you and your employees, opt for a proven solution that has already been used in many companies from different sectors, the best example of which is Deski. Our desk booking software has been tested by hundreds of companies that use it every day. Want to learn more about us? Visit our site.

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