What do today’s employees expect from work 

Finding hard-working and skilled employees who are willing to work and support the company in its development is not an easy task. Experienced and hard-working employees are in demand, therefore, they can usually pick through various job offers. If you want to have such employees as a part of your staff, you need to convince them to choose your company and do your best to provide them with an employee-friendly environment. Such conditions of work will also positively affect your entire staff. How to do it? What is the most important for today’s employees?

Money isn’t everything

Money is no longer the only factor that job candidates take into consideration while applying for a job. As technology is advancing and the market of perks and benefits is developing all the time, the expectations of employees are changing. Of course, they want to earn a decent living but they also often pay more attention to additional incentives that they may benefit from outside work or directly in the office, e.g., private medical insurance, sports card, desk booking software or free meals. The atmosphere and the potential for development are also of growing significance. Employees prefer working in modern-style companies which recognize their value and try to meet their needs.

What do they expect?

A healthy work-life balance is one of the most common priorities among employees. Mentorship, the possibility of development and a positive company culture together with a well-thought incentive scheme are now becoming a requirement, rather than goodwill on the part of the employer. Check what is on the top of the list when it comes to employees’ expectations related to work.

Purpose-oriented duties

There is nothing worse than carrying out mundane tasks which can be simplified and automated. Employees who feel that their work is pointless are less productive and get distracted easily.

Company culture

Companies that openly express their mission and values are usually well-seen by job candidates. If a company is known for its positive attitude towards employees or actions that support the environment, it is automatically in a better position than a company nobody knows anything about.

Development possibilities

Language classes, training, challenging tasks… They all add up to personal development. The office in which employees can constantly learn new things seems to be more tempting than a repetitive job.

Strong leadership

The role of strong leadership and mentorship seems to be gaining importance even more these days. Although employees like to feel at ease at work, they still need managers with a firm hand.


Personal space

Open-plan offices with tens of poorly separated cubicles are now a thing of the past. Nobody wants to work in such conditions and this is completely understandable. Today’s employees value their privacy and don’t want to be observed by other employees all the time.

Recognition and feedback

Employees, especially young people who are still learning, appreciate constructive feedback. They like to know if the manager is satisfied with their job and what can be improved.

Additional benefits

A growing number of job candidates checks what incentives have been introduced in the company even before accepting the job. Such benefits as medical healthcare and sports cards are now necessary. If you want to surprise your potential employees we encourage you to make use of Deski, a special mobile app for easy desk booking.

The expectations of today’s employees are evolving all the time. If you want to be seen as a friendly employer, try to keep up to date with the latest trends in the incentive market and be open to your employees’ needs.

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