Do you know how to make your office flexible 

78% of people involved in office transformation say they lack this knowledge. Find out why.

Why companies seek our help

Hybrid work model, flexible offices and hotdesking are gaining unprecedented popularity in the 2020s. Still, companies lack expertise in how to transform. We gained experience serving over 1000 companies that switched their working model. See what obstacles are on the way.

No prior experience

78% of our clients were never previously involved in introducing a flexible work environment.

Unexpected changes

68% of our clients admit that the approach changed significantly in the process.

Failed past attempts

35% of our clients say prior attempts to introduce a flexible working model failed. Do you know why?

Questions we can help with

Deski offers a free free 45-minute consulting meeting. This meeting is free of charge and commitments. We help you find answers to critical questions for a successful transformation.

Why people visit your office 

What are the roles, teams in your company? What jobs are done best from the office? What is the motivation to come to the office?

What people expect visiting the office 

Who can and who cannot do hotdesking? What are the desk set-ups? Should teams sit together? Should there be prioritisation?

How to exchange information 

What information should be shared? Should working schedules be visible, and to whom? How to communicate desks availability?

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