What Makes a Good Desk Booking App 

Desk booking applications are on the rise all over the world. They don’t only make office life easier for employees but provide employers with a convenient attendance list, which can become very useful during the pandemic time. Have you already considered introducing a mobile app for booking a desk in your company? If so, it’s now time to discover what features it should have.

Why do I need a desk booking system?

As desk booking apps are still a novelty, many employers and office managers are unaware of the benefits they can bring to their companies. The aim of the software is to allow all employees to have equal access to different workstations and the possibility to book their desks according to their needs. With such a system they don’t need to ask permission to change their workstation. They simply reserve a place in an app that they want to occupy.

What features should I look for in a desk booking app?

Having a desk booking system in the office is a great incentive that can motivate your employees and boost their engagement in the company. However, it is essential to find a system that will be a versatile tool, offering several benefits to you and your staff.

Easy operation and access

It is probable that your team consists of people with different levels of digital skills, and some of them are smartphone- and computer-literate, while others don’t feel at ease with new technologies. This is exactly why you should go for an app that is intuitive and easy to run. Your staff will surely appreciate the system which can be opened directly from a web browser and runs on most operating systems.

Several booking options

What you should look for in a desk reservation system is a possibility to create and manage several booking environments. It is really useful as this doesn’t only enable your staff to book desks, but also entire rooms or places in the cafeteria. It makes office work much easier throughout the day.

Interactive visualization

This feature is particularly important if you have a bigger office. Creating a virtual map of the office ensures that your employees always know which desk or table they book. It also shows them which places have already been taken by someone else.

Custom reservation rules

A great desk booking system should allow you to set priorities and allow different rules to be assigned for some particular groups of people, e.g., senior workers can have access to different workstations than regular employees. What is more, the app should also allow you to assign particular desks to employees of your choice.

COVID-friendly office

The information on bookings made by your employees can be a great source of information, which can be used by you for contact tracing. The system is also helpful in enforcing social distancing as you can set which desks should remain unoccupied within the app. 

Integrations with external systems

If you want your desk booking system to be willingly used, opt for a system that can be easily integrated with other popular types of software. The ability to access reservation details from Outlook or Google Calendar makes the system much handier.

Deski – the app that has it all

We have presented a short list of basic features which each and every desk booking app should have. You will find them all in Deski – an easily customizable desk booking application selected by companies all over the world. If you are curious about what additional benefits Deski can offer you and your company, schedule a free 45-minute session with our expert who will explain how the system works, what its key features are, and will answer all of your questions. After the session, you can also receive a free 30-day trial account.