Parking space
at your office 

Allow your colleague to reserve desks with a simple app. Implement reservation rules to ensure efficient and fair usage. Make cooperation easier by showing where others sit.
Customise Deski with your company branding, so the app is familiar to your colleagues.
Readable and aesthetic map to support reserving desks/spaces.
Easily locate your teammates, or free desks nearby, with a neat search function.
Tap, click or swipe to reserve what you need within seconds.
Support for different desk configurations, various types and sizes of parking spaces, and similar workplace amenities.
Customise Deski with your company branding, so the app is familiar to your colleagues.
Placing reservations takes just few seconds.
Easily handle priorities between employees, designated workplaces with automated reservation rules.
Pre-assign workplaces, to those colleagues that require them and optionally set a confirmation deadline.
Benefit from support of various types of workplaces: different equipment, zones, and more.

How it works

See how a user interacts with Deski. The app is user-friendly and easy to use - an average session in the app is under a minute!

Receive an invitation 

Each user receives an email invitation. They are able to log in with the password provided in the email – users do not have to register themselves. (Single Sign-On is also supported.)

Log in 

Users can log in from any device: smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac… as long as it has internet access.


After logging in, users can check their existing reservations and place new ones. Reservations can be made directly from a floor plan or from a list of available desks.

See your colleagues 

Users can also view the reservations of their colleagues to decide where they would like to sit today. (This option can be disabled.)

What they say about us 

See how offices worldwide use Deski to make the hybrid working model easier and automate office management.

Configuration example 

Below is an example of how the office account can be set up. You can perform the setup yourself, or we can help with the process - feel free to contact us at any stage.

1. Create your office 

Add desks to the system – you can customise the name, the description, and assign each desk to a group. You can also upload floorplans of your office and make them interactive by placing desks on them.

2. Configure the rules 

Select how far in advance can the reservations be made, and whether any restrictions should apply. For example, you can only allow users to reserve desks from their department, or limit how many reservations can be made per week. Reservation rules are flexible – you can email us to see how to best handle your use case.

3. Invite users 

Upload a list of users to the system. Only a username and an email are needed. At this stage, users will receive an email invitation with a temporary password and they can already log in. If your organisation is using Single Sign-On, we can help you enable it in Deski.

4. You’re all set 

After the above steps, the account is ready for usage. All the mentioned settings can be adjusted later on, so you can gather feedback from the users. We offer a 30-day free trial, so feel free to experiment!

Transparent Pricing 

Instantly start a 30-day trial, later benefit from
transparent pricing. No long term commitment required.

small business

$49 /month
  • Up to 15 desks
  • Unlimited users
  • Technical support
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large business

$199 /month
  • Up to 100 desks
  • Unlimited users
  • Priority technical support
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$___ /month
  • Custom office size
  • Multi-site deployment
  • Priority technical support
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Book a quick demo to see how we can make your life easier 

Book a quick onboarding session. We share our expertise, and help you analyse your use case to see what settings would be most beneficial. You receive a tailored, fully-functional trial account for free. Alternatively, you can register and configure Deski on your own.

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