Hot desking – the latest trend in office arrangement

Traditional offices consisting of several small rooms accommodating several people each have now gone out the window and have cleared the way for modern open offices. This shift entailed also some other office trends, including hot desking. What is hot desking? What are its benefits? How to introduce it in the workplace?

What is hot-desking?

In general, hot-desking is a sitting arrangement where employees don’t have assigned desks. It means that all workstations are available for employees and they can pick any place to sit. Such an organizational workspace system is often used in co-working spaces since it can maximize space efficiency. It is also widely used in modern private offices where employees occupy separate desks or share one big table.

How does it work?

First-come, first-served – this is the basis of hot desking. The system promotes employees who come to work earlier in the morning. The first employee who shows up in the office can pick any desk they want. As other team members enter the office, the choice gets smaller and smaller. The solution holds good in offices with flexible working hours. It can be a bit problematic when all employees begin work at the same time and cause confusion. In such cases, a hot-desking app, via which employees can book desks, is a far better solution.

The benefits of hot desking

Although hot-desking is still a novelty, it has many advantages. It promotes collaborative work, bonding and can foster a positive employee experience. Learn about the most significant benefits of hot-desking.

The improvement of communication

With hot-desking, employees can freely choose where to sit. If they work together on a project, they can share a table, reserve a separate room or choose desks that are located nearby. This way they can communicate, share ideas and tackle big projects. They don’t need to worry that some other employees will disturb them.

The increase in flexibility

Today’s employees prefer flexible solutions that can be adapted to their needs. One of the best examples is the growing significance of remote work. Hot desking is also a way in which they can express their independence. Giving employees the ability to pick their desk is a good psychological trick to boost their productivity and make them willing to work.

The reduction in costs

Organising the office in the spirit of hot-desking can help you reduce costs. You can prepare different types of workstations for your employees, e.g., some can have a printer, while others can be located at the shared table. This way you can maximize the space and use all of its parts. If an employee knows that they will need to use the printer, they can use a hot-desking app to book a room with such a device.

Employee’s mental well-being

Apart from saving time and space, hot desking can have an impact on your employees’ experience related to work. Choosing a desk gives them autonomy. Giving such a possibility to your employees shows that you value their decisions and let them be independent. It can also allow workers to choose a place that matches their personality. If an employee is a talkative and outgoing person, they can sit close to other people. In turn, a quiet person can go for a quiet space in which they can easily focus on their tasks.

We have briefly presented some of the most important benefits of hot desking. Of course, this type of office space arrangement also has drawbacks, e.g., it is completely useless in most IT companies, but it is still an interesting alternative to big, cluttered offices. If you are interested in introducing hot-desking at your office, start with installing a desk booking app. It will speed up the process and limit some possible clashes related to the choice of seats among employees.

How to implement hot-desking?

Start with us! Choose a desk-booking app with a simple, yet powerful interface. We can help you find an optimal configuration for your office. Booking a desk should be nothing but a single click! Get familiar with Deski – a desktop and mobile app with real-time reservations. Set your own reservation rules and separate office space – it’s all up to you! If you have any questions about our hot-desking app, let us know!