Hotdesking at a real estate agency


Arranging an office for your real estate business is never easy. Being a real estate agent involves a combination of sedentary work with frequent field trips, which can take several hours daily. In many cases, employees don’t have a fixed time schedule and are flexible. Depending on their needs and scheduled meetings, they can spend time both in and out of the office. This can lead to several organisational problems at the office. The key to solving them all is a well-thought-out and properly managed office space.

Real estate agency and its office

The post of a real estate agent is fabulous but demanding. Agents have to know everything about the properties they sell and present strong soft skills that enable them to communicate with buyers and understand their needs. They have to be creative, know how to solve problems and how to successfully work in a team. As we have already mentioned, the work of a real estate agent has a mixed character – although it is generally an office position, many agents tend to spend a lot of time in the field. They also participate in meetings with clients, which usually take place online or directly at the office.

How should a real estate company operate?

Considering the above, arranging a client- and employee-friendly real estate agency is a real challenge. The office should be diversified and provide all employees with a comfortable working space. The following types of workstations should be available:

  • Classic desks – each real estate agent working from the office should have their own desk. Responding to e-mails, doing research, finding new properties for sale – all these activities require focus and attention, so an appropriate workstation is simply a must.
  • Conference room – this should be a place where real estate agents can meet with their clients to discuss their needs and present them with potential offers. The meeting room should be modern and equipped with new technologies that make presenting properties easier. Many real estate agencies are now acquiring clients online. Therefore, the room should be prepared for online meetings and video calls.
  • Brainstorming area – although it is usually said that being a real estate agent requires self-containment, agents tend to brainstorm a lot. They typically meet to discuss selling strategies or talk about problems they are having with their clients. A big desk with several seats will provide a convenient area for their meetings.

The role of hotdesking in real estate agencies

As we have already mentioned, the work of a real estate agent is diversified and requires performing a set of several completely different tasks. To make things easier for agents, we have developed Deski – a special hotdesking application that is used to book office workstations. The system works perfectly with all real estate agencies, as agents can choose where they want to sit and for how long. The system enables employees to book individual desks as well as entire conference rooms or places at shared desks. Once an employee has a scheduled meeting with their clients, they can easily reserve a room for a particular period of time. Undoubtedly, Deski is one of the most in-demand office management apps in the entire real estate industry. If you want to learn more about our solution, make sure you visit our site, where you can find detailed information on the system.

Choose a desk-booking app with a simple, yet powerful interface. We can help you find an optimal configuration for your office. Booking a desk should be nothing but a single click! Get familiar with Deski – a desktop and mobile web app with real-time reservations. Set your own reservation rules and separate office space – it’s all up to you! If you have any questions about our hot-desking solution, let us know!