How to Organize an Efficient Office Space 

Efficient office space without clutter can really increase the productivity of employees. It is no secret that neat working conditions have a positive impact on how employees feel and therefore it improves their overall work satisfaction. How do you organize an efficient working space? Is it possible to feel comfortable in an open-space office layout? How can new technology help you in organizing your office?

What is most important in designing efficient office space?

Trends in office space organization have changed many times over recent years. Some 20 years ago, many companies were organized in big offices consisting of smaller rooms. On the one hand, such a solution provided employees with private space without noise and people passing by. On the other, such offices were expensive and made it hard for people to interact with each other. These problems have been solved by open-space office layouts which are trending these days. Supported by modern systems and technologies such as a desk booking application, they can be beneficial for both employers and employees.

If you want to know how to organize an efficient and modern working space, check out some of our ideas!

Design the layout

Many employees who open their first office don’t understand the importance of efficient office space organization. However, it is a good idea to take some time to design it carefully, taking employees’ needs into consideration, in order to decrease the possibility of some changes that may be needed in the future. While designing the office, think not only about desks and chairs but also about some storage space, wallboards, printers and other office equipment. To boost the employee’s personal experience, give them some privacy. Provide them with bigger desks and some space for their personal belongings.

Provide employees with equal conditions

Employees who perform similar duties should be treated equally. This means that their workstations should look similar and be equipped with comparable equipment, e.g. computers, monitors, etc. If it is impossible for you to provide them all with the same working conditions, the best and the easiest option to reach a compromise is to introduce a desk booking system such as Deski. With this app your employees will be able to choose there they want to sit and swap desks. As a result, none of them would feel discriminated.

Keep the office neat

Make your employees feel at ease and give them a practical office space that looks in an aesthetic way. Avoid small desks that get cluttered easily. Provide each workstation with organizers, shelves, wallboards. Focus on simple details that can easily increase working comfort – opt for cord holders and office equipment that can help your employees get rid of unnecessary items. The best example is a paper shredder that you can use to destroy documents with sensitive personal information that usually pile up on desks.

Go for functionality

Functionality is the key to success in organizing modern and easily accessible office space. One idea to make your office more practical is to go for rolling furniture. Cabinets and chairs on wheels can be moved from one place to another with little effort so the office can be adjusted to the needs of employees. You can also use wall space to hang boards to give office users some space to pin important documents, photos, receipts or place sticky notes.

Take details into consideration 

While planning office space, don’t forget about decorations. Although an office should be functional and free from unnecessary things, some decorations will surely make working a more pleasant experience. You can go for some interior décor that does not need additional space, e.g. pleasant wallpaper, kitchen space with its own distinct visual identity so that employees can relax and switch off for a moment. Also, think about some plants that are known stress-relievers. They are relatively inexpensive, create a friendly atmosphere and many of them don’t require special care. 

We hope that now you know what to take into consideration while designing employee-friendly office space. If you are still unsure if your concepts are right, think of furniture and other elements that can be quickly reorganized. By choosing a desk-booking app, you can easily spot which desks are the most popular among employees and try to adjust the space accordingly. 

Don’t know where to start?

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