5 ways to make your office more human-friendly

A friendly work environment is now one of the factors which many young employees take into consideration when looking for employment. This does not only concern a hospitable atmosphere in the workplace, but also a range of facilities that make life at work much easier. A desking app, pizza day or ubiquitous plants are just a few examples of solutions that can be introduced. Read our article to learn what should be found in every modern human-friendly office and which innovative technologies are worth introducing.

Every office can be human-friendly!

No matter what type of office you have, cubicle, open-plan or classic, none of them is perfect. Cubicles and classic offices give employees personal space, but keep communication to a minimum. On the other hand, an open plan promotes bonding, but gives employees almost no privacy. Although all types of offices have their drawbacks, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. Fortunately, there are several easy-to-do tricks that will help you improve the image of your office among employees.

  1. Optimize the space

The first and at the same time the most important way to make your office feel human-friendly is proper space optimization. Avoid excess staff and furniture in the workplace. When the office is cluttered, employees have difficulties in communication and may feel overwhelmed. Try to reduce the number of unnecessary objects and introduce high-class office equipment, e.g. ergonomic chairs or standing desks.

  1. Give employees the right to choose

Offices in which each and every employee had exactly the same workstation have become a distant memory. Today’s offices usually offer something for everyone, e.g., classic desks with chairs, standing desks, larger tables that can accommodate the entire team, conference rooms. The more diversified the office is, the larger the number of employees feels comfortable while spending time there.

  1. Let technology help you

Having a diversified office is great, but this also requires special supervision, so that each employee can have access to different kinds of workstations. This can easily be obtained thanks to a desk booking app. This ultra-useful software allows employees to pick where to sit. Therefore, it fosters communication in the entire team and minimizes the possibility of team division into in-groups, sitting close to each other every day.

  1. Let work be fun

Who said that working always has to be mundane and tedious? Be creative and surprise your employees with some little gestures that can easily liven up the atmosphere. Bring your employees fruits, organize a pizza party inside the office or rent an ice cream machine. Let employees associate the office not only with hard work, but also some small pleasures.

  1. Create ambiance with decorations

Decorations can totally change the feel of the office. For example, introducing a large number of natural plants doesn’t not only make the atmosphere more friendly, but also has a positive influence on the air quality in the building. If your office has an open-space concept, consider equipping it with movable division panels thanks to which your employees can have more private space. Don’t forget about proper ergonomics – clocks, calendars, filing cabinets and other elements adjustable to the employee’s needs can really boost productivity and make working much easier. 

Creating a human-friendly office is a challenge that each and every employer should take up. The more diversified the office is and the more flexibility employees are offered, the better. Each employee is different and has different needs. Unfortunately, offices that meet the needs and preferences of all employees don’t exist. However, we can make office space more employee-friendly with some simple changes presented in the article, e.g., the introduction of revolutionary desk booking software.

Don’t know where to start?

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