How to improve your employer branding

It is no secret that each company has its own employer branding. Every step that you take within a business creates a particular image of your company in the mind of your staff, client, and job seekers. If you want to attract valuable candidates and limit staff rotation, you should focus not only on the overall image of your company, but also on how your staff perceives you.

In this article, we will focus on the topic of employer branding and some practical strategies on how to improve it. Continue reading to find out why it is so important!

What exactly is employer branding?

Although the notion of employer branding exists for several dozen years, not everyone knows what it exactly refers to. In short, employer branding is a marketing strategy through which a particular image of an employer emerges. A positive employer branding is therefore a result of all the actions that an employer takes to create a friendly environment at work. 

Strategies to improve your employer branding

Once you know what employer branding is, we can now focus on possible ways in which you can boost it. 

  1. Focus on company culture

Job seekers usually prefer working in companies with well-established positions in the market. As the company develops and takes on staff, it becomes more recognizable. To mark its strong presence, all employees should follow explicit rules and share the company’s core values. It all sums up to a company culture that includes a set of values and recommendations for employees to follow daily.

  1. Be aware of the competition

Your employer branding is a kind of marketing strategy that aims at attracting job seekers. However, you should always keep in mind that there are dozens of employers that just like you want to hire new employees and also do their best to market their companies. If you want to compete with them (and of course beat them!), you should always watch out and carefully observe their actions. Follow their social media and read their online reviews to learn about their employer branding!

  1. Review the reviews

Before attending a job interview, most candidates surf the web to find reviews of the company that they are interested to work for. If the reviews are mostly negative, there is a great possibility that many job candidates won’t even appear at a scheduled meeting. The reviews your company has online should determine the potential changes to be introduced to make working in your company a more enjoyable experience.

  1. Foster employee growth

The power of your company lies in your employees’ hands to a great extent. Even if you consider your staff to be only one of the elements that make it possible for your company to flourish, imagine what your business would be without people working there. This is why you should always appreciate the value that they bring to your company and make it possible for them to develop their skills. Offering them specialised training, education, or language courses is one of the best ways to invest not only in their well-being, but also in your employer branding.

  1. Improve your benefit scheme

What do most job seekers look for while applying for a new position? Salary and benefits. When it comes to the latter, your list of available perks and benefits should always be tailored to the needs of your staff. Gym cards, private healthcare, life insurance, and other perks attract top candidates and boost the retention rate. Benefits and perks that make life easier at work are worth particular attention. Example? A desk booking app that allows your staff to book office desks in advance.  If you want to learn more about a desk reservation system, please click here to check out what Deski – the leading provider of desk booking services – has to offer.

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