Is it worth investing in your office space and why 

For many,  working in a modern, well-equipped and aesthetic office is a pleasant experience. However, having such an office or modernizing the old one so that it looks up-to-date can be costly. Is it worth investing in your office? What benefits can a modern office bring to you? What are the tricks that you can use to make your office look and feel more modern? What is the role technology can play in all of this? How can innovative apps, such as desk booking software, help you in modernizing your office space?

The benefits of a modern office space

Investing in your office can bring numerous long-term benefits to your company. A modern office design is not only eye-pleasing, but it can boost your employee’s performance and influence the way people, including job candidates and business partners, think about your company.

Check what the benefits of redesigning your office can be:

Employees feel respected

When employees see that you do your best to provide them with the best possible working conditions, they feel valued and appreciated. There is nothing worse than working in a poorly equipped office which doesn’t meet the basic needs of people who spend almost half of their day, five days a week there. If you want to redesign the office but you are short of funds, ask your staff what changes should be introduced in the first order. This way, you will show them even more interest.

Employees are motivated

Spending working hours in a cosy office, with lots of plants and natural decorations, as well as decent air-conditioning which provides comfort on hotter days, can be treated by employees as a sort of reward. It can also be a motivation booster since the aesthetics of a workplace can reinforce productivity and lower stress.

The image of your company changes

If you want your company to be seen as modern and innovative, you should be aware that the changes you introduce should not only be in the products and services you offer. You should start with the essentials. If employees feel uncomfortable at work, they are not able to perform their tasks well, and customers can feel it! Having an impeccable opinion among your staff is the first step in altering your company’s image.

People visit you more willingly

Is your office frequently visited by customers or business partners? You should also think of them and their comfort. A good solution to start and instantly improve their experience at a low cost is to arrange a convenient waiting room and a neat meeting room. Remember that spaces visited by your guests should always be properly cleaned. Avoid too much clutter.

You support the environment

Not many employers consider renovating their office space as a long-term investment and a cost saver. When we redecorate space, we usually go for modern equipment which is energy-efficient and usually also failure-free. This way not only do you save money in the long run, but you also protect the natural environment.

How to manage a modern office space?

Once your office is redecorated, think of some possible ways in which you can make it even more approachable for your staff. One such solution involves the implementation of a desk booking system. The best example of such an office life facilitator is Deski. With this useful hotdesking app, your employees can freely choose their workstations, which is very important, e.g., while working in teams. The application is easy to use and will surely become an interesting part of your corporate incentive scheme.

If you want to redecorate your office space without spending a lot of money, you need to start somewhere. Perform a deep clean-up, add some plants flowers, invest in a desk booking app and observe your employees’ reactions!

Don’t know where to start?

Start with us! Choose a desk-booking app with a simple, yet powerful interface. We can help you find an optimal configuration for your office. Booking a desk should be nothing but a single click! Get familiar with Deski – a desktop and mobile web app with real-time reservations. Set your own reservation rules and separate office space – it’s all up to you! If you have any questions about our hot-desking solution, let us know!