Is your company eco-friendly 

Over the last few years, more and more employers have understood that employees’ well-being can have a significant impact on productivity. With the introduction of incentive schemes and the increased flexibility of work, many companies have revived and developed. Unfortunately, such a rapid boost usually entails negative consequences on the natural environment. For example., the more employees work in the company, the more pollution is generated while commuting to work by car. What can be done to make your company more eco-friendly? How can technologies support this process?

Eco-friendly practices in business

The green practices that you can introduce in your office don’t have to lead to an increase in costs. Many eco-friendly solutions prove to be less expensive over the long haul and create a positive image of your company. The best example is LED lighting – although the initial cost of the investment is high, it quickly pays for itself and the value of the energy bills is decreased forever. Other examples of easy-to-introduce green solutions include: careful waste segregation, cardboard and paper recycling, rejection of products packed in plastic, and a well-thought incentive scheme promoting eco-friendly commutes to work.

The benefits of green solutions

One of the most important benefits of using eco-friendly solutions are cost savings. Although it is usually said that ecological practices increase costs, this is only partially true. Such innovations as photovoltaics or high-performance energy-saving office equipment significantly reduce long-term costs and offer greater comfort and independence. The introduction of green practices can also boost employee morale and encourage them to engage in activities. Many job seekers, especially younger ones, take such aspects into consideration when applying for a job.

Ecological office – where to start?

If you feel that your office is not eco-friendly, there are many quick and inexpensive steps that you can take to protect the environment. Check out our list of ideas!

Natural cleaning solutions

Widely available cosmetics and cleaning detergents can contain harmful substances. These can not only account for allergies and skin problems in humans, but may also harm the natural environment. Fortunately, more and more producers are becoming aware of this and the offer of eco-friendly detergents is continuously expanding.

Flexible working hours and remote work

Commuting is a major source of air pollution. What if your employees could work from home at least from time to time? This way, they would have more time for their private life and could, at the same time, consume less petrol and generate fewer exhaust fumes. Another interesting option is to give your employees flexible working hours. Thanks to that, they could commute to work before or after rush hours and avoid traffic.

Carpooling and a parking management system

You may also think about introducing some incentive schemes that will have a positive influence on the environment and boost employee morale. You can, for example, reward employees who choose to carpool or introduce a parking space booking app, which will reduce time spent on a parking lot. The latter will also turn out to be a great asset that makes you stand out from other employers. There’s even an app that makes connecting drivers with potential carpoolers easier – Poola.

Reduction of plastic waste

Plastic waste has become the plague of our times. Almost everything that you buy in a supermarket is packed in unnecessary plastic. When you buy water for your employees, opt for bigger bottles or install water filters. Choose detergents in family packs and encourage workers to use reusable water bottles and food containers.

As you can see, being a green company is not that difficult. With a bit of goodwill, you can turn your business into an eco-friendly one. Start with promoting green practices among your employees, offer them parking booking software, allow them to work from home from time to time and encourage giving up plastic.

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