How to motivate employees to keep the office clean 

Everybody likes spending time in places that are neat and well-organized in terms of functionality, and keeping the workplace clean seem to be essential if you want your employees to be more productive and satisfied with their job. However, many office managers struggle to always maintain order in the office. This concerns, above all, big companies in which people shift from one place to another all the time. Tidiness is especially important if you are implementing a shared desks policy. Do you wonder if there is a way to encourage your employees to keep the workplace clean? Discover them with us!

Commercial cleaning is not everything

Every responsible business owner should focus on their employees’ health and well-being. One of the key steps to increase their satisfaction from work is to provide them with a neat and friendly workspace. The easiest way to achieve this is to hire a cleaning company that will handle all the necessary cleaning. However, most companies decide to have their office cleaned only once or twice a week. This may not prove to be sufficient in many cases.

Tips to encourage your workers to keep the workspace neat

Do you want your office to always be spic and span? Check out our tips!

Write down a special policy

Letting your staff know they are expected to keep their workstations clean can really make a difference. Although it is rather obvious that everyone should clean up after themselves, writing it down can serve as an effective reminder. The effects of sticking notes saying, for instance, “clean as you go” in the places which usually get dirty within a few hours after cleaning, e.g., in the kitchen or toilet, can be more effective than you imagine.

Buy more trash bins

When employees are focused on their job and given tasks, they may spend even a few uninterrupted hours in front of a computer screen, eating, drinking, printing documents and reading letters in the meantime. All these activities generate trash so giving your staff a decent number of trash bins that they can access without leaving their desks can, to a great extent, solve the problem of a dirty workstation.


Provide cleaning supplies

Looking at cleaning supplies may make your employees want to clean their desks! One of the most effective ways to encourage staff to maintain order in the office is to keep the cleaning supplies in sight. Disinfectants, paper towels, all-purpose cleaners and wiping cloths should always be easily accessible for them. 

Opt for cabinets

Offices which lack cabinet space are usually much more cluttered. Objects which are not hidden in closets accumulate dust quickly and their aesthetics are poor. Giving your staff lots of cabinets and storage space is possibly the best way to get rid of unwanted stuff and clutter. It is also the easiest way to limit the number of objects that require wiping.

Introduce hot desking

Have you ever considered introducing a hot-desking app in your office? If not, this solution is certainly worth trying out. It doesn’t only give employees freedom of choice in terms of where to sit, but it also encourages them to keep their workstations clean. Why is that? In the hot desking system employees switch desks on a regular basis. There are no workstations assigned to particular employees. This is why at the end of the day, an employee who goes home has to grab their things and leave the desk ready for their colleagues.

These were only a few suggestions of changes that you can introduce. Should you have any questions or ideas about hot desking software and how it works, don’t hesitate to contact us at!

Don’t know where to start?

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