6 low-cost ways to keep employees engaged

Keeping your employees engaged at all times of the year is essential if you want your company to flourish and grow. This is why you should always look for ways to boost your staff’s engagement at work. As an entrepreneur or manager, you need to constantly look for new incentives and motivators that will increase the performance of your in-house and remote employees. But you also can’t forget about the essentials!

Discover our 6 low-cost ideas to keep your employees focused on their duties.

1. Working conditions

While many employees are looking for sophisticated ways to make their companies stand out, many of them neglect the essentials. Proper hygiene in the workplace (spotlessly clean bathrooms and kitchen), access to powerful kitchen appliances, safe working conditions, timely payments, and many more factors are simply essential for your employees’ engagement, and, most importantly, they shouldn’t have to incur any additional costs.

2. Working environment

Once you’ve done everything to provide your staff with decent working conditions, it is now time to focus on the environment they spend most of their time in. What do we mean? Many seemingly minor elements in the office can heavily impact your staff’s engagement. The lack of plants or decorations, overly strong or overly weak lighting, chairs that cause back pain, computers that freeze regularly – all these factors can be daunting and discouraging.

3. Challenges

To grow, your business needs constant stimulation. To get rid of stagnation and keep your employees always interested in what they should be doing, regularly provide them with new opportunities and set achievable but demanding goals. Remember that the bar should always be set high. Otherwise, your employees’ engagement may significantly drop, which can result in rapid staff burnout, a negative approach towards clients as well as a higher rotation of the employees. 

4. Recognition

The feeling of being recognized is one of the basic needs of all employees. When we spend 8 hours a day or even more in the workplace, it is good to know that our actions have meaning and are appreciated by someone. Employees who receive recognition from their supervisors are more faithful and dedicated to their employers. The recognition can be verbal, but it can also take the form of actual rewards, e.g., a restaurant voucher for the entire team.

 5. Wellness promotion

In recent years, there is more and more talk about the health, fitness, and well-being of employees. It is now proven that people who regularly work out and take care of their health seem to achieve better results at work. This is why you should consider introducing private healthcare and gym cards for your staff. Although this may seem to be a considerable cost, it may quickly boost your employees’ engagement and make them feel better at all times.

6. Individualism

Every office has its own rules, but remember that they should never invade your employees’ personal space. People who are not given the chance to be heard out, usually hide their feelings and frustration, which in the long run can hugely impact their overall engagement. Two-way communication is, therefore, necessary in all offices.

Another obstacle that may deprive your staff of a sense of individuality is the working atmosphere. When employees sit side by side for a prolonged period, they may either become friends or enemies. For this reason, you should promote regular office layout rearrangements. You may also opt for a desk booking system that will make it possible for your employees to change their desks daily so that they can bond with all other staff members.

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