How to make a new employee feel comfortable at work 

Being a new hire is never easy. Not only do new employees need to learn company culture, but also meet lots of new people who already feel at ease in the office. If you want to make your staff feel at home, always help them during their first few days at work. What do you need to do and how? What is the role of modern technologies such as a desk booking app in all of that? Read our article to find out it all.

Welcoming new hires

Imagine starting a new job and when you show up at the office you are ignored by all the people working there. You don’t know where to sit and what to do, and there is no one who is willing to instruct you on your duties. Do you feel ill at ease? Do you have the motivation to work? We doubt it. If you are ignored by other employees, the first day at work can turn out to be a hassle, cause nervousness and discourage you from working for a very long time. This is why, when taking on new staff, you should always appoint employees who will be responsible for showing them around and helping them to survive their beginnings.

What else can you do?

Once your new employee has been introduced to people and customs at the office and their workstation is ready, there are a number of things that you can use to make working in a new place a much better experience.

Make a good first impression

As a manager or company owner, you should do your best to make an excellent first impression. Why is this so important? Everyone wants to have a supervisor who is open-minded, willing to help and seems to be professional in all circumstances. If your image is positive, then your employees feel a certain degree of respect and are more willing to listen to you.

List duties

The first day of work in a new place should be a time during which a new employee learns how the office operates. Many employers who take on new staff make one basic mistake. They don’t tell a new hire what exactly their duties are. The employee needs to guess what they are expected to do, which can cause many serious misunderstandings.

Don’t overwhelm

Giving no instruction on how to work can be as discouraging as giving your new employee too many duties. Having too much to do can be overwhelming. This is why so many employees quit their new jobs within the first few days in a new place. Introduce the duties to your employees gradually, step by step. If you see that they feel at ease with what they are doing, extend the scope of their work.

Let them socialize

An office is a place where we usually spend a third of our day. If the atmosphere which surrounds us is tense, and we don’t get along with other co-workers, going to work can be the last thing we want to do. This is why socializing, also outside working hours, is so important. If you know that your employees go out to a restaurant or bar, ask them to invite a new employee. In some companies, restaurant vouchers are a popular incentive – participating in group activities can be a great beginning for your new hire.

Use technology to help you

The role of technology in making your employees comfortable at work is growing all the time. One of the best examples is a revolutionary hotdesking app that allows your employees to choose their workstations freely. The app enables them to select a particular desk for each day of work. They can also book a conference room in just a few clicks, which is great if employees have a group project to work on or need to spend time together to perform their duties well.

As you can see there are a number of things that you can do in order to make your new hires feel right at home. Do everything to make them feel as comfortable as possible not to discourage them from your company. If you want to learn more about our desk booking software or give it a try, contact us!

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