How to manage staff effectively 

The role of a good manager is to always care about the welfare of the company and the well-being of the employees. Managing staff effectively is a huge challenge and requires a lot of stamina, consistency and respect for employees and their needs. To keep your employees motivated, you primarily have to understand what they need in order to feel comfortable at work and perform their duties at the highest level. In today’s article, we will present a few golden rules of effective workplace management.

Build strong relationships

First of all, a successful manager should be a cautious and insightful listener who is willing to know their team members well, not only on a professional level. Deep bonds between a manager and their team as well as efforts that aim at better bonding among employees create a pleasant ambience at the workplace, which directly influences the overall productivity of a team.

As a manager, you should always encourage your employees to get to know one another better. There are many ways in which you can promote bonding. One of the easiest ways to “force” your team members to expand their horizons and build friendships with as many colleagues as possible is the introduction of a desk booking app. A desk reservation system will encourage them to shift places and regularly change their working environment within the office.

Maintain regular communication

Communication is without doubt the foundation of productivity. When your employees know exactly what they are supposed to do and receive regular and valuable feedback, they can easily adjust their performance to the requirements set forth by their manager or employer. Face-to-face meetings, video calls, chats and emails foster communication and in most cases don’t require you to incur additional costs. Use these channels of communication in order to inform, instruct, control and also supervise your team. 

Set achievable goals

It is no secret that having goals to achieve gives meaning to our work. Therefore, assigning realistic and achievable goals to the entire team and individual workers is crucial. Once your employees are informed about your needs and expectations, their motivation rises, and they consider their work to be valuable.

Make decisions

Indecisiveness is one of the most common causes of stagnation. Being unable to make clear-cut decisions, you put yourself at risk of losing your employee’s admiration and respect. A boss or a manager should always be seen as an independent person who can make decisions that really matter. Once your employees feel that you are deprived of power, they acquire a conviction that they will never be rewarded for their hard work.

Resolve conflicts

Conflicts in the workplace can turn the office atmosphere into a nightmare, at least for some of your employees. Never ignore quarrels and misunderstandings among your team members, as they can result in serious clashes and disputes. Of course, it is evident that not all employees share the same point of view and angry exchanges from time to time are rather normal, but keep in mind that all employees should have the same goals and cooperate to achieve them. 

Listen to your team’s voice

One of the pillars of effective staff management is the ability to listen to their needs. Sometimes even the smallest changes in the organization of the office can boost their performance and increase their overall well-being. Ask your employees regularly whether there are things that can be improved to make them feel better at work.

Managing your staff requires lots of effort and a pro-employee attitude. If you want to be sure your employees feel acknowledged, take the initiative and give them something they will appreciate. A desk booking app that makes desk and room reservations as easy as never before is a great example. Click here to learn more about this system.

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