New technologies around the office

The way offices look today has significantly changed over the last few years. Big buildings with multiple small and clattered rooms designed for 2-3 employees are long gone. They have been successfully replaced by big and spacious open offices packed with brand new, innovative technologies that foster cooperation, organize space and create favourable working conditions. Which are the most popular? Which ones should find their place in your office?

Why are modern technologies in offices so important?

Today’s business activity is mostly based on computers and new technologies. It is hard to imagine the corporate world without these popular inventions. However, with the rapid development of modern technologies and software, both employees and employers can benefit from completely new possibilities. Personalized lighting systems, desk booking apps, guest monitoring systems are now standard in both small companies and larger ones. They make staff feel more secure and improve their comfort of working. Some employee management systems are also not without importance. As a result, employers and managers can control the way workers progress.

Space organization versus communication

In terms of employee comfort at the workplace, modern technologies can be divided into two basic types: space organization and communication tools. The first group includes all systems and software that can be used to customize employees’ workstations and also give them the choice where to sit, e.g., through a desk reservation system. On the other hand, communication tools are everything that fosters a virtual exchange among employees, their superiors and partner from outside the company. They include both new-generation equipment and a special system for communication management.

Some examples of the most demanded office technologies

If you are an office owner or a manager, go through some of the most popular office trends this year. Choose which ones should also be in your company!

Personalised lighting system

Every one of us is different and all of us have very diverse needs and preferences. This is why creating a friendly office space that meets the high demands of all employees is a great challenge. Fortunately, with customizable lighting systems, this is super easy since workers themselves can control the intensity of the light around them. Such systems memorize their preferences and adjust to their needs in a smart way.

Hot desking app

Changing desks each day at work can bring multiple benefits. Firstly, it gives employees the chance to get to know more colleagues. Secondly, staff members can choose workstations that are more convenient for them, e.g., close to the window or away from the air-conditioning. Finally, studies have shown that changing a person’s environment increases their alertness. A hot desking app such as Deski allows everyone to choose which desk they are going to use today and, if needed, can help control the number of people in the office.

Visitors control systems

The automatic entrance control systems guarantee the security of employee’s belongings. Such systems are functional especially in big companies employing many workers. With access control, e.g., through the use of special cards or face recognition, employees have nothing to worry about.


This may be not obvious to many employers, but professional headphones can really boost the performance of employees working in open-space offices. Modern headphone sets equipped with high-quality noise-cancelling can provide employees with complete silence even on the loudest days, making focusing simpler.

Communication software

To facilitate communication among employees you can provide them with multi-purpose communication tools such as chats and special online groups. With new office technologies, they can share multiple-user conversations and participate in video calls.

Conference equipment

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we think about meetings once and for all. Once rare, online conference meetings now take place regularly in most companies. To make them more convenient, you can organize a room with a special screen or a projector and speakers that simulate a real meeting with external partners.

Don’t know where to start?

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