Top Office Organization Trends for 2022

The past two years were merciless for offices around the world. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by the introduction of numerous restrictions that forced many companies to shut down their brick-and-mortar locations was a great test for many entrepreneurs. Although initially, it seemed that the changes were introduced only temporarily, now it is obvious that several of them will stay with us for good. In today’s article, we have prepared a set of new trends that are supposed to dominate office organization this year. Check out what these are!

Office trends in 2022

Discover the list of the most desirable trends in office organization this year.

Hybrid work

The experience of numerous entrepreneurs who run their offices shows that employees working in a mixed environment (both at home and on the spot) seem to better perform their duties. This is why more and more office owners are introducing hybrid work, allowing their employees to be physically present at work only from time to time.

Co-working areas

After many months spent at home instead of the office, employees are now craving for spending time with other people. This is why co-working areas are making a great comeback. Even a small office area suitable to accommodate several employees at once promotes cooperation and strengthens bonds among staff members.

Solo-working areas

Although co-working areas seem to pass the test in many offices, the need for solo-working areas is equally visible. Many employees who got used to working from home suffer from difficulties in coming back to regular office work. They can’t properly focus with lots of people around and easily get distracted by others. 

The management of an office which is divided into multiple areas, e.g., co-working area, solo-working area, conference rooms etc. is a true challenge. Fortunately, Deski has come up with a solution that makes workstations booking available to employees. Check out what the possibilities of our desk booking app are and tailor it to your needs.


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that there are no boundaries in business, and the constraints of geography should not be perceived as an obstacle for any developing company. Virtual meetings and conferences, video calls, and instant massaging bring communication to the next level. Equipping an office with accessories and devices that foster online communication seems to be necessary to promote its growth and meet the standards of the globalized workforce. 


Another popular office trend that will surely be developed this year is the introduction of sustainable offices, which are more eco-friendly. By encouraging staff to recycle and reduce energy and water consumption whenever possible also by using LED lighting and installing high-efficiency ventilation systems or solar panels, the consumption of energy drops and so do the operational costs. 


Today’s office employees are much more flexible than even a few years ago. They are able to work in different environments and deal with many everyday challenges. They also expect the same from their employers. Furthermore, they no longer want to simply perform their duties, but also appreciate all pro-employee benefits, especially those which have a direct impact on the quality of spending time in the office. A desk booking app by Deski is the best example.

In short, all modern offices are moving towards ecology, flexibility, connectivity and ease of work. These trends are beneficial for both employees and employers, and we expect them to be developed in the coming years.

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