How to run your office with restrictions in place 

The lifting of some lockdown measures in many countries is a first step in the back-to-business process. However, due to the possibility of spreading the virus, offices need to be reorganized to assure the safety of employees and potential guests. Is it possible to run your office safely in these difficult times? How do you reorganize the office? What can be done to provide your staff with conditions fostering social distancing? What is the role of technology in all of this?

Office work vs. the pandemic

If the face of the pandemic, many companies, including the biggest ones, have made decisions to shift to remote work. Although this working style seems to be the safest when it comes to employees’ health, it can also lead to some major issues which can badly affect the operation of offices. Unfortunately, not each and every task can be performed well remotely and also not all employees feel at ease while working from home. That is why many office owners have decided to follow strict measures to provide safe working conditions on-site. These include the modernization of office space, the introduction of some modern systems and establishing safety protocols.

Reopening plan: offices allowed to reopen under certain conditions

After several weeks of strict lockdowns, many countries now allow offices to reopen. Governments all over the world have established some general safety measures that should be introduced and followed in places where people work. Some key elements include: social distancing, mask-wearing, temperature screenings, limited traffic within buildings and the provision of disinfectants in shared spaces. Although many of these amendments can be easily introduced, some others may pose problems. Luckily, modern software, such as a desk booking app or a communication system, can help you in preparing for reopening. See how to approach reopening your office below.

TIP 1: Establish a hygiene protocol

If you want to reopen safely, you need to establish some procedures related to COVID-19 prevention. The safety protocol should be a source of information on how to behave in the office, how to act in the event an employee tests positive and so on. It should also contain some guidelines for employees so that they know how you expect them to behave.

TIP 2: Take control measures

Although none of us wants to be controlled, some simple control measures can prevent the spread of coronavirus. One of the most significant is temperature screening. Thanks to some modern machines, a temperature check can be done in a contactless way with the use of machines equipped with thermal detectors. 

TIP 3: Rethink space organisation

Keeping distance and sitting close to sources of fresh air is essential in today’s world. Many governments recommend that the minimum distance between employees should be at least 2 metres. To make things easier for you and your employees, you can introduce a desk booking app. The software will show your employees where to sit and which desks should remain unseated, enforcing social distancing.

TIP 4: Control traffic flow

This is crucial, especially in bigger companies, where staff and guests move between rooms and floors. Try to avoid situations in which people working in different departments mix with each other. If you organise a meeting at the office and invite some guests, instruct them of the measures that have been introduced in the office. You can achieve this by using desk booking software such as Deski.

TIP 5: Foster communication

Go all out to increase remote communication within your team. Introduce some modern communication tools, that allow chatting, calling and participating in group conferences. This way employees will be able to stay connected with each other without the need of meeting in person.

TIP 6: Trace contacts

If someone tests positive for COVID, it’s essential to check if they were in the office, and if so – who could they have been in contact with. This can easily be checked if all of the employees mark their office presence using a desk booking system.

Safe reopening requires careful planning and patience. If you want to speed it up, opt for new technologies, such as a desk booking app, which can facilitate the process.

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