A practical guide to reinventing your office

Traditionally, an office is a place, usually organized in rows of desks or separate cubicles, in which people spend eight hours a day completing tasks assigned to them. However, in recent years, the understanding of offices and the way they are arranged have changed significantly. Today, the outdated notion of an office is a thing of the past, and offices are more and more often regarded as employee-friendly zones that spark creativity and inspire people to do their best.

Why should I reinvent the office space?

Traditional offices haven’t changed much for years. As most employees appeared to follow the assumption that nothing more than a desk and a laptop is needed at work, they didn’t see the need for reinventing the office or equipping it with advancements. This has significantly changed in the past few years when the understanding of offices has gradually turned around.

The changes to the office organisation were provoked, to a great extent, by the COVID-19 pandemic. When people started to live in isolation, many employees moved their offices to their homes. Teleworking was for many of them the safest way to work. As a result, many companies changed their offices into smaller ones. Now that things are beginning to get back to normal, many employees still don’t want to go back to brick-and-mortar offices and employers need to find creative ways, such as comfortable offices, to encourage them to work on-site.

Another reason why you should update your office space is that the outdated offices are usually demotivating the youngest generation that is entering the job market. These people, who have been growing in the world of technology, want to work in a modern environment which responds to their needs and interests. Luckily for you, the array of new technologies, applications and systems that can be introduced in an office is almost endless. You will therefore easily update the working space you offer to your employees. 

How to reinvent the office

If you want your employees to feel at ease at work, discover our practical tips on how to reinvent your office.

Set up spaces for your employees

Every employee has a particular meaning for the company. While some employees tend to constantly and independently work in front of the computer screen, there are also probably some other team members who work on collaborative projects or keep in touch with clients, e.g., by phone or in person. To address the needs of the entire staff, the office should be divided into areas meant for these different kinds of employees. Depending on the nature of your company, consider introducing a silent area where people can focus on their tasks, a meeting space with a shared desk, or both!

Provide the right tools

Technology and the number of available advancements are on the constant rise. It is of course impossible to always have the most innovative tools, but regular upgrades are simply a must these days. User-friendly devices and tools are a powerful way to encourage your employees’ performance and increase their morale at work.

Increase daily comfort

Unnatural lighting, uncomfortable chairs and unappealing design can affect your staff’s productivity. Luckily, there are several ways in which you can make your office more approachable without significant spending. Introducing plants and changing lighting into individually controlled LED lamps are the most basic examples of changes.

Another great way to increase the comfort of your team is to introduce a desk booking app, which gives them the freedom to choose their workstation. 

As you can see, reinventing your office doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. If you want to learn more about the previously mentioned desk booking system, please click here to discover Deski – our one-of-a-kind mobile app that makes office life much easier!

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