Equipment for a Smart Office

Having an intelligent office is one of the hottest trends in the entire labour market. Smart technologies such as access control devices, online meeting management systems or hot-desking software not only make your company up-to-date, but also facilitate your life and the lives of your staff. In today’s article, we will show you the most demanded equipment and technologies for a smart office. If you want to know how to turn your office into an innovative business centre, keep on reading.

Smart access control system

Many office owners do not control who actually enters and exits their building. That’s a mistake, which can lead to several problems, e.g., stolen belongings or an uncomfortable crowd in the office. Fortunately, smart access control systems are here to help. The systems are easily customizable and most of them provide hands-free unlocking methods. They enhance the security of your employees and make it easier for you to control who is working from the office.

Meeting room equipment

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made online meetings even more popular among companies all over the world. Online video chats in lieu of face-to-face meetings are now a normal occurrence. However, to keep them at a professional level, specialised equipment and technologies are simply needed. Thanks to popular meeting management platforms you can learn how to better utilize your space. The system will also help you arrange meetings as it sends various notifications, requests, etc.

Communication and collaboration

One of the foundations of modern offices is great communication among employees. No matter if they work at the office or remotely, they should all be in touch. There are several different options that make it easier for them to talk, with high-quality webcams and video equipment as the most common of them. If you want your employees to collaborate in all conditions, provide them with video conferencing, chat and whiteboard software, as well as allow them to store files on a shared server so that they always have access to what they need.

Desk booking

There is yet another kind of system which can facilitate the everyday life of your employees, namely a desk booking system. Such software allows employees to freely choose where they want to sit in the office. It is an amazingly convenient solution, especially if your employees feel stagnation or usually work in groups. The hotdesking system can be used not only to book a desk, but also to reserve separate rooms. It also allows you to keep your staff attendance list.

Innovative energy solutions

With innovative energy solutions, you can make your office more modern and at the same time more efficient. Although introducing energy-saving technologies may seem to be a huge investment, it usually pays off in several months, which is why the installation of modern energy solutions should be carefully considered. Start by replacing lighting with highly efficient LED lamps. Invest in IoT sensors that can be used for movement detection. Consider choosing smart HVAC systems which automatically adjust the temperature in the building to save energy.

Management system 

This element is extremely important if you want to control your staff progress with less effort. Having a decent management system will allow you to easily delegate tasks to your employees and control their performance at any time and from any place. Such a system will therefore motivate your staff to work as hard as they can even if you are not in the office and don’t supervise them.

Introducing smart technologies to your office is always a win-win situation for you and your staff. They make the life of your employees easier and give you a number of advantages. Examples? You have better control over what is happening in the office, you can always reach out to your staff and you pay less for operating costs.

Don’t know where to start?

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