What are the best office desks 

Having an office that meets your staff’s needs and requirements is a key to success. One of the most important pieces of furniture which you should pay particular attention to are the desks. Although the selection is vast, not all desk types are suitable for office use. Check what to take into consideration while choosing desks and discover how to manage them via a desk booking app.

The material is essential

There are many factors that you should take into consideration while choosing office desks. They should not only be functional and practical, but also coherent in terms of aesthetics. The best way to make your office harmonious is to equip it with furniture made with the same material. Check out what choice you have:

  • MDF – this is one of the most common choices among employers. Desks made from MDF are relatively inexpensive, durable and easy to clean. They are sold in a number of colours and designs, and are available in almost all furniture shops.
  • Wood – wooden desks are more prestigious but also more expensive. Even though they are highly durable, they need special care, e.g. they should be regularly cleaned with a soft cloth in order to avoid scratches.
  • Metal – desks made from metal are on the rise. We can often see them in modern offices organized in a loft style. They are highly durably and easy to maintain.
  • Plastic – this is an inexpensive alternative to the previously mentioned kinds of desks. Plastic furniture looks good but is more prone to damages.
  • Glass – these are certainly one of the most impressive kinds of desks. Made from glass, they look extremely modern and match all interior styles. However, we don’t recommend them for offices as they quickly get dirty and can easily be scratched.

Desks in terms of purpose

Desks made from MDF, wood and metal are the best choice if you are looking for durable and easy to clean furniture that can be used for several years. Let’s now focus on the most popular office desk types and a good office should have them all.

Writing desk

Writing desks are ideal for all people who need a large desktop with a minimum storage. They offer a design which is suited for a laptop. Thanks to their simplicity, they match almost all office styles and usually don’t take up too much space.

Computer desk

These are more professional desks for office use which can be suited for a laptop, a PC and additional monitors. They provide plenty of storage space for computer accessories, cables, peripherals and are therefore perfect for computer geeks.

Standing desk

Standing desks are still a novelty but they are gaining in popularity with each passing year. Although spending time in the office while standing may seem to be an odd vision, stand-up desks offer a number of health benefits.

Open space desk

If your employees work in groups, open space desks are a real must-have in your office as they allow a huge number of employees to work together in a single space. They allow you to save space and promote collaborative work at the same time.

If you want to provide your employees with a modern office that is always adjusted to their needs, opt for diversity. You don’t have to select only one type of desk, but you can combine several of them in a single space. An ideal office space should offer varied possibilities which are easily accessible for your employees. To make things easier for them, consider introducing Deski – an intuitive desk booking system that will allow your staff to effortlessly reserve their favourite desks. The application is easy to use and doesn’t have to be downloaded – your staff can access it through an internet browser.

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