Make Workplace Car Parking Fair, Easy and Frustration-free 

Easy parking reservation system for your company. Solve parking chaos in just a few clicks.

Make Car Parking Fair, Easy and Frustration-free 

Imagine this. Your staff members are using a mobile phone app to reserve car park spaces on devices they already own. 10% of spaces are allocated to your reception desk team to grant to visitors when needed. The other 90% are assigned to a shared pool. These are managed by fair, pre-set rules. The app is super simple to use so your staff are able to complete their reservation in an average of 37 seconds. And this is done without ever having to hassle your reception desk team.

Global Fortune 500 companies use our car park management software
Average car park efficiency
Largest car park managed by Parkalot has 2700 active users
It takes on average 37 seconds to reserve a parking space

What Is Most Important To You 

No matter if you are looking for significant savings, or solution for never-ending parking disputes - those points may be important to you.

We respect the rules

Thanks to flexible parking rules you can grant access to the parking to all application users, and give priority to some of them. People who require, have a parking space guaranteed.

Car park manages itself

When you begin your free trial, your specially assigned support team member will make your task easy by assisting you in setting everything up in just 30 minutes.

Scalable and reliable solution

Our parking sharing and management system is built entirely on top of the a certified and respected enterprise cloud provider

Receptionists like us

Shouldn’t time and resources around the reception desk be better utilised? Shouldn’t the focus be on sustaining a friendly, frustration-free and efficient environment for your visitors and staff alike? Shift the issues of car parking management away from your reception desk in just 30 minutes.

No hardware required

All you need for Parkalot is numbered or named parking spaces. Your staff members are using a mobile app to place reservations. The entire car park management system is cloud hosted, and requires no involvement from your IT department.

We are your size

We help to manage car parks as small as 10 parking spaces, and large 2100+ employees campuses. Our plans start at as little as $100/ month. For enterprise clients we offer SLA agreements and custom software or hardware integrations.

Integrate for a seamless user experience

Integrate Parkalot into your company ecosystem via Microsoft SAML Single-Sign-On and automated user management via SCIM. Find more information directly on the Azure Marketplace Parkalot application listing.

What they say about us 

Discover how organizations across the globe have implemented Parkalot to reduce administration and automate complex booking tasks.

Book a quick demo to see how we can make your life easier 

Book your place on a quick on-boarding session. We share our expertise, and together craft a parking policy that is most beneficial for your company. You receive a tailored, fully functional trial account for free. Alternatively, you can register and configure Parkalot platform on your own.

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