Workplace Experience: How Technology Can Improve It? [2023]


Are your employees happy at work?

The topic of employee workplace experience has been debated largely in the HR industry for many years. Various studies indicate that employees who feel fulfilled at work are more productive and willing to address new challenges. Taking into consideration the recent rise in the popularity of new employee benefits schemes which have been implemented in many businesses all around the world, it seems that most employers are aware of that. An increasing number of companies are also beginning to understand that using technology in the office should not be a painful duty for the teams. Instead, technology can be a valuable supplement to employees’ corporate life and should help them perform and feel better in every way possible.

Have you ever wondered whether your employees are happy at work? Do they like spending time in the office? Do they have a mental bond with the company? Do they care about the company’s success, revenue, and mission? If you think that the answers to the above questions are positive (but you have never checked it!), conduct the employee satisfaction survey, which will help you measure the contentment of your employees. This is the only way to understand what your staff feels and needs so that you can address and deal with some challenges they face daily.

The importance of a positive workplace experience

The benefits of having happy employees are undeniable. This is why you should always do your best to help them feel valued and at ease in the workplace. Improving employee experience in your office can be beneficial to the organisation in various areas:

  • Happy employees are more engaged and focused on their duties, which leads to increased productivity.
  • The employee retention level is high, and it is easier to attract new talent.
  • The quality of customer service rises, which translates into increased customer experience.
  • Employee motivation increases and your staff is more willing to voluntarily undertake their initiatives, which makes your company flourish!

The role of technology in improving the workplace experience

As you can see, improved employee experience can make a difference to your organisation. There are many different ways in which you can boost your employee’s performance and well-being. Giving your employees some advanced tools that help them manage their corporate life, communicate one with another and share their insights is only the beginning of the digital transformation that you can adopt. This is particularly important in the case of hybrid offices, where some employees work on-site and others work remotely, as they need online tools to remain productive. 

However, keep in mind that all technological advancements that you introduce to your business should be carefully considered. Too much technology can overwhelm, and some annoying technology issues can make it difficult to progress.

Practical ways to use technology to improve the employee workplace experience

Building an exceptional employee experience should certainly be on your priority list. With the proper use of technology and modern tools, you can easily improve employee comfort and amplify your company culture. Technology fosters innovation and is necessary if you want to be viewed as a friendly and modern employer.

Embrace flexibility

More and more employees are looking for flexible offices which offer hybrid work. It is observed that people who work from home (at least occasionally) are way happier in their personal life, stay more focused on their goals, and generally waste less time on non-productive activities while at work.

From the perspective of business owners, the key to a successful hybrid office is project management software that helps employers and managers always stay up to date with the progress their teams make.

Despite having a hybrid office, you should never forget about employees who work on-site. There are many ways in which you can improve their workplace experience. One of the most practical ones is to introduce a desk booking software which enables your employees to book particular seats in the office. Desk reservation solutions have various advantages for both teams and managers: employees can freely choose their favourite workstations; at the same time, employers can check who is physically present at work and get hints about maximising the potential of their office space.

Empower collaboration

Digital collaboration tools are necessary to improve the flow of information among employees and make them communicate better one with another. When choosing communication software, make sure it has all the features that employees need in their everyday work. Real-time conversations, online video conferencing, and file transfers seem to be the bare minimum in today’s corporate world.

Collect feedback

The key to improving employee workplace experience is to constantly control the level of contentment employees feel with their job. The easiest way to do so is to regularly collect feedback and address all problematic issues mentioned by the staff. Using a specialised employee feedback tool makes it possible to carry out employee engagement surveys. Most of the systems provide an instant analysis of the results, so you can make changes right away!

Simplify daily life

Using multiple tools and apps daily can be a hassle that leads to frustration, confusion, and extra work. Managing various logins and passwords takes time, especially if your employees make mistakes when typing them in a rush. Luckily, you can save their time and effort by introducing a secure password manager that speeds up the login process and protects your company data.

Provide online learning

Today’s employees want constantly raise their qualifications and gain new skills. Providing them with career growth opportunities is therefore one of the most efficient ways to keep them motivated. Professional courses and training don’t need to be costly if you organise them online, and more importantly, your remote employees can participate in them. This can also increase employee retention.

Modern technologies enable you to implement tools and systems that are meant to, directly and indirectly, improve the workplace experience. If you want to shift from traditional to innovative solutions, take small steps and see how your teams respond. You can start by introducing Deski – a desk booking app that changes the way people think about offices. Try it now for free.