Workplace stress – how to control it 

Being a good boss or manager requires, above all, sympathy and sensitivity. Understanding your employees’ needs and concerns is key to increased productivity and a better atmosphere in the workplace. It can also reduce the stress that may overwhelm some employees while at work. Why can spending time at the office be stressful for some people? How can this be dealt with? What solutions can be introduced to create a friendly work environment?

Sources of stress

Stress is a normal human reaction to mental or emotional pressure and it is inventive at work. However, some people have a tendency to worry too much and too often. It may be caused by a number of factors, including some tensions outside the workplace that lead to an accumulation of stress while working. The sources of feeling under strain may also be found at work. The most common of them include: poor management, lack of organizational culture, high demands, unfriendly work environment, lack of support, and conflicts with other employees.

Why is work-related stress so unwelcome?

The problem of work-related stress is frequently neglected. When an employer notes a sudden change in an employee’s mood and performance, they are usually more likely to dismiss a team member rather than find a way to help them. Employees who are stressed at work may present a number of symptoms, both physical and emotional, which can affect their performance. Some chronically stressed workers may experience fatigue, heart palpitations, headaches, sleeping disorders or some gastrointestinal upsets, while others can suffer from mood swings, discouragement, pessimism, irritability or even depression!

How to control this?

It is rather obvious that as an employer or manager, you are not able to take full control over the emotions of your employees. However, you can introduce some easy practices which will help you understand them and react to their concerns.

Talk to them

Regular conversations with employees can help you notice the problem when it is still in its infancy. Organize regular face-to-face meetings with each one of your employees. Only a few minutes a week will allow you to understand them better and at the same time give them confidence when communicating with you.

Work on time management

One of the most common work-related stressors is work overload. When employees have too many tasks to do, they usually got stressed, which reduces their productivity even more. It is a vicious circle that can lead to serious burnout and fatigue. Fortunately, a proper time management system can instantly solve the problem.

Make them feel at home

Forcing employees to adopt certain practices at work can make focusing on given tasks more difficult. The possible solution to this problem may involve introducing a hotdesking app in the workplace. The software enables employees to choose where to sit. This way each and every employee can find a comfortable spot that fits them. It can also help people who mostly work remotely in deciding where to show up, based on the availability of desks or their colleagues’ presence.


Don’t underestimate work/life balance

Even the most dedicated employee needs to have time for family and friends. Although there are some employees who tend to live and breathe work, you simply shouldn’t allow them to work 24/7. Too much commitment towards the workplace is not healthy and can trigger negative psychological symptoms such as work-related stress.

Give them space

One of the most significant changes in work organization includes the possibility of working from home. This solution allows your employees to get away from the office while carrying out their duties. If you see that your employee looks and feels tired, ask them if they are willing to work from home for a few days. It can help them recharge their batteries and get rid of work-related stress. Minimizing stress in the workplace is a difficult task that most supervisors have to face. The introduction of time management software or a desk booking system may make things easier, but you need to remember that this is communication that matters the most.

Don’t know where to start?

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