Workspace Booking Software: 10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have it in 2023


Trends in office space organisation change regularly. Today’s offices tend to meet the requirements of new generations of employees, who are much more demanding than the previous ones when it comes to working conditions. Cubicles and large open-space offices consisting of a collection of similar workstations are now the thing of the past, and varied workspaces with easily customizable office layouts are simply a must-have!

The growing number of conscious employers are aware of changes in the labour market, and they do their best to make their offices even more approachable and flexible for the staff. Office desk systems, which enable employees to book their workstation in advance, is one of the popular solutions, that change the way we all think about offices.

1. Increased efficiency

In general, desk booking solutions promote the increased efficiency of employees. We can observe that employees who are given a certain flexibility, e.g., in choosing their workspace, are more willing to address new challenges and therefore their productivity raises. In order to keep your employees inspired and highly efficient, give them a sense of freedom and let them work in a collaborative environment where they can choose who to sit next to.

2. Better utilisation of space

A hot desk booking system allows to maximize the utilisation of space by providing information about free and booked workstations. An employee who wants to reserve their seat can see which workstations are already taken within a few clicks. Thanks to the access to historical data collected by the app, managers can see which desks are the most demanded and try to draw conclusions why some of the workstations are underutilised.

3. Flexible and dynamic office

One of the necessary elements of an agile and productive business is flexible office space that addresses diverse needs of employees. A perfect flexible office should consist of the essential elements of traditional offices, e.g., an open space area, a conference room,  combined with workstations aimed at some particular needs of employees, for instance, a quiet room or a game zone. 

Why is having a flexispace so important? It is usually said that flexible arrangements create a strong, dynamic and versatile environment – we can’t agree more with this statement.

4. Scalability and adjustability

The workspace booking software provides comprehensive reports concerning space utilisation. It means that the system collects information about the most and the least demanded workstations. This can be useful in adjusting the office layout and the needs of employees. Statistics can suggest how to reorganize and reconfigure the space to make it more user-friendly. After introducing changes to the office plan, the app can be used to track whether the improvements have been effective.

5. Employee attendance tracking

Having a desk reservation software in the office brings one important benefit which is frequently underestimated – the system may replace attendance tracking software. This way you can reduce the number of programs used in the company, which is beneficial in terms of money and time. By searching through historical data, you may track the presence of employees at work and plan the day ahead. The system can also be used for companies offering hybrid work to track on-site attendance.

6. Fair workplace

Unfair treatment can put employees’ health and well-being at risk. Treating someone unfairly at work can be considered discrimination and give rise to serious legal and financial consequences. The first step in creating a fair workplace is to give employees a sense of democracy – a friendly environment in which they can speak out and get involved in making decisions. Having an office desk system is clearly a thing to consider. Thanks to the system, employees are able to filter and choose a desk that is the most convenient for them.

7. Simple integration

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant benefits of desk reservation software is that it is easy to implement and use. The installation process requires only a few clicks and the software is ready to use right away. To set up the account and get the ball rolling, you need to create your virtual office, define rules and invite users. Most hot desking office solutions allow setting flexible booking rules, so that the system can meet the practical needs of users.

8. Sustainability

Do you know that having a desk reservations system at workplace is yet another step towards a sustainable environment? This is particularly true in terms of companies working in a hybrid model. Thanks to the hot desking office app, employees can choose their sits and declare whether they will show up at work in person. Having this information, managers can instantly see how many people will be physically present at work. If the number of employees is small, the available working space can be temporarily reduced, e.g., by putting some areas out of use. This way, you can limit operating costs and the use of energy to the lowest possible amounts.

9. Error prevention

Another reason why you should get a desk reservation software is that it can prevent double bookings and misunderstandings among employees. If you want to provide your staff with hot desking, avoid unautomated systems which are prone to errors as they may negatively affect the workplace and lead to toxic work environment. Opt for professional solutions that have already been tested by other companies. 

10. Promotion of collaboration

Last but not least, a workspace booking software is a core component of a modern and flexible office based on teamwork and collaboration. Having a possibility to change a desk, employees get the chance to interact with a bigger number of teammates on a daily basis. What is more, workspace booking software is indispensable for the efficient teamwork management, e.g., the system makes it possible to book brainstorming and conference rooms by the entire teams.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider introducing a desk booking solution in your company. We hope they will be helpful in making your decision. If you want to learn more about possible solutions for your hot desking office, discover Deski – a comprehensive desk booking system for small, medium and large companies. 


We can help you find an optimal configuration for your office. Booking a desk should be nothing but a single click! Get familiar with Deski – a desktop and mobile workspace booking software with real-time reservations. Set your own reservation rules and separate office space – it’s all up to you!